Counseling and Tutoring Through Art


🦋Found some old photos accidentally and decided to share a bit.😉

🌻As a school teacher for 15 years, I used to spend my lunch break voluntary, lasts for 10 years or so, with so-called “troubled” students at school. In the beginning, I utilized art therapy acitivites as stratagies to see what’s the issue. After some time,the Director of Counseling at school, with 2800 students, saw the progress of those “troubled” students in my sessions and started to assign the most challenging students to me (see HEALING THROUGH ART – TAIWAN, HEALING THROUGH ART- TAIWAN 2 )
At later stage, after being certified as a yoga instructor for both kids’ & adults, meditations and yoga started to blend in as part of my approaches to “tackle” students’ issues.It also inspired me to combine yoga & art & meditation in 1 class since 2009.

💖 I’m blessed to be able to meet so many beautiful little souls.

🌻Several years ago, I met the 6-year-old boy Jerry (alias) at an orphanage center where I served as a 1-year volunteer in Eswatini (Swaziland). Glad to find these photos again and they brought me straight back to those interesting and adventurous times. 💖🦋

Duration: 2 weeks. Every evening for 2 hours.

After School Tutoring- 

6 year-old Jerry (alias), Grade 1 . He used to live with his psychotic mother since he was born. Owing to lack of sufficient care, (e.g. nutrition, exercise, social interaction etc.) his stimulation in different sensory modes were not activated and cultivated fully, especially in accessing haptic and visual mode .With some observation, I noticed he was having hand-eye co-ordination and developmental delayed problem, thus it’s difficult for him holding pencil to write. Moreover, he looked much smaller and weaker than his peers physically as well. He suffered from learning at school. His homeroom teacher complained about his “laziness” in learning and cleaning assignment without realizing his real issues. He showed no interest in learning and cried very often.

🌻Counseling and tutoring:
1.Being patient, empathetic, loving, caring and encouraging while tutoring Jerry.
2.Counting: playing counting games/acitivites by using clips, fingers and songs.
3.Doodling: connecting dots, doodling /drawing various lines and naming various shapes.
4.Coloring: identify shapes ,objects and coloring.

1.He can control his fingers more freely and show more control in doodling and coloring.
2.He cries much less and shows interest in learning.
3. His attention span increases.
4. Using solid strokes and starting to draw some distinguishable objects.
5. Keep drawing Mandala like circles.
6. He can clean up whatever mess he made. eg. put all the scattered crayons back to the exact boxes etc.


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