Healing Through Art – Taiwan


Lai,10 years old ,grade 4. Just transferred to our school and it was his third time. Owing to the ‘kleptomania problem’ with his elder sister.  He showed no interest in learning and sleeping a lot in class. Always late to school without eating breakfast and often skip the school days by calling sick. Before his being reported to the school Counseling Office ,I already heard of him because of stealing problems.One day,the Director Of Counseling  came to me and asked for help with this boy, as no one wanted to be his counselor at school. Well, that’s how our fun journey started. 🙂

Healing through art:
It was October 2011,I met this unique and unforgettable boy, Lai. The school counseling course ended in June 2012. He was abnormal than all other kids that I have ever counseled. Smiley, acting cautious and very very polite. To be honest, I was a bit concerned about his pinching habit in the beginning and it also raised my own issue of trust .

He came to my classroom every Thursday in lunch break. His family drawing revealed a bit of his secrets at home and also exposed the truth about his stealing ‘habit’. The trust between me and him built up gradually.With time,he revealed more and more family issues which no other teachers knew about it.

Growing up in such complicated original family that I have never seen , I felt so sorry for the little soul. Meanwhile,I often questioned myself what I could do to help him ease the pain/worries. What I did at school was brought him breakfast (to show other kids who loved to bully him- Lai got my back), consoling, drawing certain topics, chatting with him and collecting inspiring stories to encourage him. The counseling with him lasted for one and half year.

Before the end of that semester in 2012, he showed his appetite in learning and his academic study improved a lot, one stealing event was reported, rare skipping school days and graduated in 2013.



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