Left-Handed Drawing- Self Portrait

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” ― Brené Brown

The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, once said an ugly truth about humanity – the most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

Unfortunately, to say is always easier than done. Accepting the imperfection of my lovely ‘muffin top’ and inevitably flaws as well as still consider I’m beautiful , sometimes, is not an easy task.

Therefore, looking at the mirror and drawing self portrait is always a wonderful way of centering self ,self-acceptance as well as a way of accepting/ balancing ups and downs in life. In the meantime, listen to the truth, know the solutions and remember who I am in the silence as well.

😇 Creativity takes courage – What if I drew with my non-dominant hand !?

Today, after doing some yoga,dancing and meditation I decided to draw the portrait with my left hand, the non-dominant hand. Right after this decision, an image of terrifying and messy portrait came across my mind. (I’m aware how my/our monkey mind could go wild sometimes ! 🙂 )

Well, I would never know until I tried, right? 😉

When I picked up the chalk pastel with my left hand,I got a feeling that she wanted to start with drawing my face outline first which was completely different from how I used to draw human faces with my right hand. Interestingly enough, I noticed myself became more observant, attentive and bold while drawing.

Looking at my self image in the mirror,I identified…. this is me, the one who gained few kilos, filtered her thoughts and tried to fit in the mold, feared judgements, and felt ashamed…..

On the other hand, this is also me, a life warrior,who has traveled and experienced many challenging, bumpy yet beautiful inner and outer journeys. A brave yet vulnerable being who seeks the truth of who I am, the meaning of life and the purpose of this lifetime.

During the drawing process,the more I looked into my self image ,through mirroring and smearing the drawing , the more compassionate love rose from within. Yes! This is me – a brave,compassionate, vulnerable, loving, naughty, creative, curious, child-like and humerous being.

Sometimes the vortex of life obstacles seems to drown me, however, I always could find my strength and balance back through yoga (or crazy dancing), art creating and meditations. Of course,the support of friends and family are crucial too. However, the one who has to be brave and walk through life currents still ourselves.

I’m grateful for having those gracious journeys.
I’m also grateful for knowing some ancient skills which enable me to nurture myself , harmonize all my life activities as well as gain insight into my body,mind and soul.

Time always flies while drawing. The finished artwork stunned myself extremely and pleasantly. 😁

Medium: Soft chalk pastels ,acrylics,A3 paper, my left hand.😁


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