Inktober2021: Roof

13: #roof #inktober #inktober2021

🏘 Love the rondavel and Ndebele house in Eswatini & South Africa, thus I combined their features in my ink art.😊

🏑 The first time I saw the traditional beehive house was when I volunteered in an orphanage centre in Eswatini. We went to rural areas to pick up children and I saw their traditional round houses. The locals told me that they built the house round was preventing ghosts staying in the house – as there would be no corners for ghosts to hide in the round house.

🌟 πŸ• A rondavel is a traditional African style house. It is usually round in shape and is traditionally made with materials that can be obtained in raw form locally. The rondavel’s walls are often constructed from stones. The mortar may consist of sand, soil, or some combinations of these mixed with dung. The roof braces of a rondavel are made out of tree limbs, which have been harvested and cut to length. The roof itself is made out of thatch that is sewn to the wooden braces with rope made out of grass.

πŸ• Ndebele Houses: ​The Ndebele people in South Africa have a tradition of painting their homes with strong geometric patterns that have thick black lines and bold colors. Ndebele women paint their homes using a chicken feather and have pride in good craftsmanship, especially straight lines.


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