Inktober 2021: Helmet & Sour

11,15: #sour #helmet #inktober

🍉Lots of laughter while drawing this one.😁.

🍉🍋Many moons ago,there was a funny happening in Taiwan, when the government just implemented the new law of wearing helmet both rider and passenger (motorbikes). Anyone violates that law will be fined NTD500 (abt R230, $17)..There was an elder man, living at a village, wanted to go to nearby market buying groceries by his motorbike. Owing to having no helmet at home, he was creative enough to use a watermelon peel to be his temporary helmet. Unfortunately, he got stopped by a policeman. Luckily, he only got a warning..

🍉🍋Miss my late grandpa’s (93 years old) big smile.


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