Art Is My Safe & Sacred Space. What’s Yours?

πŸ’– β€œIf light is in your heart, you will find your way home.” – Rumi.

πŸ’– There is Light🌟

Thank you dearest aunty for bringing light and happiness into my life. Will miss you always.πŸ’–

I hope this artwork also can remind people who suffered / is suffering from the pandemic- there is light & hope.🌟(#Acrylic on #canvas, diameter 80 cm)

πŸ’– While dealing with difficult emotions, art is my safe and sacred space to deal with them.
Doesn’t matter it’s me creating artworks or going to see other artists’ artworks in the gallerias or museums.
What about you? What’s your safe and sacred space to nurture yourself while feeling low?


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