Children’s Brain is Like A Sponge

🔸The youngest TED speaker, 7-year-old Molly.

🔸Learning through play. Besides play is important to children from the age of 0 to 7 years………Do you know children’s brain in that stage is like a sponge?

Dr. Bruce Lipton ever explains that the brain wave theta (brain activity) is a lower vibrational frequency than ones conscious. It runs in human world from 0 to 7 years of age and it’s the catalyst for childhood imagination and sculpting the subconscious, which means the children’s brain in that stage is like a sponge which absorbed whatever information / behaviors they received / learnt from their childhood environment (parents,caretakers,family etc.) .

Blaming genes when children have aggressive/ruthless behaviors or screaming while feeling stressed / angry? Neh! Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the science of epigenetics clearly ( that environment controls genetics, which in turn, determines the character of ones lives. Mmmmm……..Isn’t childhood environment (even fetus embryo) is crucial to ones whole life?.

TED Talk :


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