Colorful Portrait 1

🎨“Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.” – Elizabeth Broun

🎨🖼 Being bold & walking out of comfort zone in art creating is really an interesting process to notice what’s going on in our mind.😉My last oil painting was 20 years ago😁…From familiar with using an analogous color scheme to a bold complementary one ,I could feel my mind was wobbly but exciting while placing (yes, placing) those (original, not mixed) colors on the canvas. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.🤣 (A good teacher who can point out my blind spot is crucial. 🙏)My interests of exploring more has been aroused as well…✨✨🎇…. The color party is ON…..again.❤💗💛💚💙💜 This time….I wanna see Can I play with rules but still being myself in there? “
🌻The artwork is still under process.😉
🎨 Inside Story
“Your painting has got something there, that‘s why I love it.” ,the teacher said proudly. “What! Even her eye is one up one down?” I responded without thinking. A fellow artist , wearing mask, looked at me straight like there were thousand unspoken words in her eyes. Suddenly, I noticed “Gee! My critical inner critic is awaken ……again.” Immediately, I said thank you with a smile to the teacher.

Yes! That’s the self-awareness which resides and innates inside each of us. An ability to notice our emotions/words/behaviors in that millisecond (we have animal side, the reptilian & limbic brain, remember?) and shout “pause/stop” to prevent us doing something harmful to ourselves or loved ones. Yoga, art creating have helped me cultivate it big time. You can do it too, even our children (a useful tool which can benefit their whole life and people around them)! 💖


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