Kids’ Yoga. Art. Meditations 1 – 1session

🌈Kids Yoga.Art.Meditations 1-1session – a class combines customized kids yoga,art creating and meditations.
🌻Learning through play. Learning by doing.
🌱Some goodies need time to brew. 🌈Some unspeakable emotions can unwind/reveal/release through art creating.😉
🌱Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises for Kids
✔Decreases stress & anxiety.
✔Helps to remain calm.
✔Strengthens sustained attention.
✔Improves/sharpens the ability to focus and learn.
✔Slows the heart rate & improve heart function
✔Promote respiratory health.
✔Lowers blood pressure.
✔Helps to control children’s emotions.
✔Encourages happiness and promote social well-being and help children feel relaxed.


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