Can Yoga Release Your Emotions ?

Normally, people go into a yoga class hoping to de-stress and reap the physical benefits, but they don’t expect a release of tears, anger, etc. in class, especially if it’s in a group class.💙

💗I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity to witness and guide a beautiful yet unexpected emotional release during Savasana in a group class recently. 💛💗#safespace #divinelyguided #divinelyprotected🙏

Yoga does have the magic power to release emotions by breaking energy blocks that are hidden in our bodies. These energy blocks often stem from emotions, traumas, and memories we’ve suppressed over time – even those you may be unaware of.

⭐️How does yoga release emotions? Here are some possible reasons:

🌿 During yoga practices, the physical focus and muscle stretches help you become more aware of your hidden emotions.

🌿 Practicing yoga allows you to let go of the tension connected to any emotional pain that your body has been physically holding onto.

🌿 Practicing yoga helps you reconnect with yourself and with others, allowing for a release of emotion. #safespace

🌿 The emotional release might come from your organs as well. (anger- liver ; anxiousness – stomach ; joy – heart ; fear – kidneys ; sadness – lungs ; worry – spleen)

So, next time if you have emotional release during or after yoga class. I hope you will celebrate it happens. As it means you are ready to let go of some emotions, traumas, or memories.


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