You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Emotions / feelings can be released from hands through drawing, gardening, knitting, claying or cooking.

We tapped into the world of emotions / memories / insights and spirit/totem animals (yeap!Very suprising!😊) through scribbling , coloring and writing. The totem animal will empower and give strength/ loving care to the beautiful soul for her current and upcoming life journey. (Thank you Universe for the beautiful chance.I humbly bow before you.💖)

Everyone is unique and different. Therefore, my role in the session is holding a safe space for you, offering you proper tools (either yoga therapy, breathwork, meditations, Reiki or essential oils etc.) ,and helping you re-connect with your heart / body wisdom, and listen to your inner guru to go through life turbulence or find directions on the crossroads.

I remembered a conversation happened 15 years ago, between my Chinese Meridian teacher and one of my classmates, during an open case study discussion about her family issues in one class.

“Why my sister doesn’t want to change?”

“Because …..she has not suffered enough. The change will only arrive, when one suffers enough.”

I didn’t really understand what the teacher meant until I got elder and had been through some life obstacles.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Things will unfold with divine timeline.


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