Is Energy/Reiki Limited by Distance?

The most crucial & valuable thing can’t be seen with our eyes.

Being born and living in this chaotic 21 century is quite challenging…..,right!?
However, without this chaos, I can’t help thinking that…….if we will ever wake up to get rid of old habits and start to savor our own body & life and figure out what matter the most in our lives?

For me, I’m more certain during this pandemic that sharing healing tools – yoga, art creating, breathwork and meditations – with kids and adults is my passion. As these tools not only keep me in company but also help me walk through loneliness, sorrows and aloneness for more than a decade, even the strict national lockdown last year.

“Equipping” myself with various tools (yoga, art creating, meditations, Chinese meridians etc. and now Reiki) is because they helped/help me walk through/pass my life turbulence and gave me a sense of grounding ,healing, and inner peace, even insights. I know how it feels like to suffer from deep unbearable heart-breaking pain / sorrow and feel hopeless with critical self-criticism for many years. (I used to be a tough cookie and I never allowed myself to ask for help or bother other people. Therefore, alcohol used to be my placebos of running away from my heart-breaking pain/sorrow and emptiness when I knew I couldn’t handle either of it consciously and couldn’t sleep. More than half a bottle of Absolute Vodka before bed was a norm for me, almost 3 years. I’m really glad now that I had passed that phase with the help of friends’ company ,teachers’ sharing tools and the help of life-changing yoga teacher training. The crucial one-year yoga teacher training in 2008 completely changed me from inside out. Later on, I learnt more tools to help myself as well. )

Many moons ago, I received Level 1 Usui Reiki training. I remembered many of my classmates couldn’t feel each other’s body energy with their hands during the practice. The teacher then just told them, “ Go placing your hands on Sindi. I’m sure you guys will feel something.” Within few seconds, I just saw many hands on top of my torso and my classmates started to smile with nodding heads. 

Since the beginning of 2021, I heard my calling of learning Reiki ,but not listened. Until this May, after my cousin sent Reiki to me from Taiwan , across the entire Indian Ocean, I felt the unbelievable amazing healing and warmth. “That’s it! It’s time. I’m going to pick up where I had left and finish my 3 levels’ Reiki training. “, I told myself afterwards and I did it.

My Reiki partner in class, Francisca, is a French Reiki master with 15 years’ healing experience and live in France. After we sent distant Reiki to each other, I told her what my hands felt in her lower belly and she confirmed that the pain in her sacrum was gone after I sent her Reiki. She was also very surprised to know that I’m a newbie of using the sacred symbols. The other Reiki partner in class was Tammy and she lives in America. When we did distant body cleansing with each other, we both felt the energy flowing and running down inside of the body. What a profound and astonishing experience to understand that energy is not limited by distance. Aaaah~ My happiness is beyond words…..again.

Since then, Reiki has become one of my close friends and also part of my daily practices. I’m blessed to be able to experience the beauty of Reiki. I feel centered and balanced with a deeper sense of inner peace no matter what happened in my world ,or outside world.

Hence, besides yoga therapy, art creating, breathwork and meditations, I can consolidate one more powerful tool to benefit myself and others now. I am truly blessed. Thank you Universe!⁠🙏⁠


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