Happy Puppy Sleepy Puppy Woof~ Woof~ Woof~

🌟俺從小就怕狗,因為被鄰居家還有朋友的狗咬過好幾次(俺可年的小腿😑)。直到N年前,朋友在巴厘島教我怎麼面對狂吠的狗後,我開始比較敢面對汪汪叫的狗兒。經過幾年的鍛鍊,看來公婆家這隻小寶貝🐕很喜歡待在俺腳邊餒,不是躺著,就是睡覺 (阿母,俺成功啦💪)!😁 不知你有沒有注意到,這毛小孩的腳掌是心形滴!

😍🌟I was so scared of dogs since I was little.It’s because of my terrible experience of getting bitten by neighbor’s or friend’s dog several times (my poor little calves 😑).

Until many moons ago, a friend taught me how to “confront” barking dogs in Bali and I learnt to face my fear of dogs since then. (Note: While travelling I love to explore areas which not shown in Lonely Planet. However, my experience in Ubud or Mars -Bali was I met more strolling (not patrolling I think 😅) dogs than human beings when I walked on the small streets.😂 What a Murphy’s law! )

When we were chatting around the fireplace I noticed there was something wriggling around my feet. I bent over and saw this…😁Mmm….It seems this cutie 🐕 loves to lie down or sleep next to my feet or on my foot.😁😂 Oh, I also learnt to help wash the dog now – cookies always work.😁 (Btw, have you noticed his paw is a heart shape.😍)


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