Bathed in Light

🎨✨Bathed in Light ✨
🎨Pure happiness while painting the light.😊
🎨Complicated emotions came up while painting this portrait. Yes! This is the power of painting – certain memories/emotions would be released from your subconscious mind unexpectedly when you were completely relaxed & unguarded. (Yoga practice has similar effect – when you are in certain yoga postures, some tension/emotion which stored in the muscles will be released.Therefore,sometimes you found your eyes would brim with tears. And it normally happened when you are ready to face certain life incidents.There are good memories too,not all bad.)
🌻Goodbye my adventurous, brave and intelligent nephew (34 yr).

🌻Goodbye my wise and righteous uncle (85 yr).

🌻Goodbye my dearest and loving grandparents (92 yr,94 yr).💐 May you all rest in peace. May you all be bathed in the light & love ,and live happily in heaven.💖
🦋 Are you scared of your own emotions? You won’t , if you know what emotion really is.💖 ✨”Emotion is a change on the inside, in response to an event on the outside. And it’s a necessary and useful change. It’s as if a lightning bolt has struck you, and now you are now carrying that electricity inside of you.” – Steve Biddulph


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