🌻“The real artist thinks certainly of totality, but never of perfection. He wants to be totally in it, that’s all. When he dances, he wants to disappear into the dance.” – Osho
🎨Playing with colors…..and disappeared into colors…
(#canvas, #acrylics , 75 x 80 cm)

“Another significant point to remember: if you witness anything – fear, anger, hate – they will disappear, leaving a tremendous amount of energy in you which you can use for creativity. You will have to use it, the leaking holes have disappeared; you will be overflowing with energy. But if you witness your love, compassion, kindness, humbleness, they will not disappear. They also have tremendous energy, but the more you witness them, the more they will become strong in you; they will overpower you, overwhelm you.” – Osho


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