Happy Heritage Day

👣 Grounding means connecting yourself with ground and the energy of Mother Earth. Earth resonates (Schumann Resonance) with our biological system which brings us into a harmonious state in our life
🌻Happy Heritage Day! We tried the awarded Oriental Beauty Tea (some kind of Oolong) to celebrate the special day this morning. No sugar and no milk, of course!😁
🌻Benefits of grounding-
🦋Regulates cortisol (main stress hormone; better regulation means you recover from stress quickly, instead of having feeling anxious long after the stressful event)
🦋Neutralizes free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that damage cells.

🦋Reduces inflammation
🦋Reduces stress
🦋Improves sleep
🦋Reduces some risk factors of cardiovascular disease
🦋Reduces pain
🦋Shifts the body from the stressed fight-or-flight mode to the restorative rest-and-digest mode


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