[Yoga Drawing] – Inner Digging Project (5) Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

“I saw myself in this painting.This is actually me.” A dance instructor once told Lady Geco when she saw this painting.  (Water color, crayon,pencil. Size:A1)

Sacral Chakra- (Svadhisthana)

The sacral chakra is located just below our navel , above pubic bone and encompasses hypogastric plexus and genital region. The color of this chakra is a deep, saturated orange and relates to creativity , sexuality, joy and relationships on an emotional level as well as our energy/passions on a spiritual level.

Set up intentions-

Themes that relate to this chakra: Unlocking creativity; ;healing loving relationships ;going with the flow; releasing rigid thoughts or ideals; letting go of old emotional stories; allowing happiness and joy into your life; letting go of compulsive behavior; understanding and cultivating healthy boundaries; merging into the flow of something greater than yourself.

Feel free to use any of these affirmations below. As long as your intention feels true for you ,then it has value.

*”I am beautiful,creative and unique.”
*“I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life”
*”I live life passionately, with good health and vitality. I am unafraid to be myself. I

    am confident and am achieving my dreams!”
*”I love and enjoy my body.I am open to experiencing the present moment through
my senses. “

*”I am passionate.I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.”
*”I nourish my body with healthy food and clean water.I value and respect my

*”My sexuality is sacred.I allow myself to experience pleasure.”
*”Emotions are the language of my soul.I take good care of my physical body.”

Seed sound: VAM

Chant “VAM” ,if we find it’s hard to open up in relationships, feel unsatisfied sexually and suffer from low libido.Opening this chakra will give one the courage to express self and to embrace change.

Accidentally bought papaya and munched the whole one. ^_^



Yoga postures-

Warrior II  (Virabhadrasana III), Reverse Warrior,Low lounge,Pigeon,Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)…etc.

Nutrition and Crystals-

Nutrion: Orange food,such as Carrots,Mangoes, Papayas, Oranges, Almonds,
                  Cinnamon,Melon etc.
Crystals: Hematite (赤鐵礦,俗稱:黑膽石), Orange Carnelian(橘色紅玉髓,瑪瑙), Amber(琥珀), Orange Calcite(甜橙色方解石), Citrine(黃水晶;茶晶), Topaz(托帕石-顔色一般呈黃棕色~褐黃色、淺藍色~藍色~藍綠色、紅色~粉紅色及無色,極少數呈綠色色調。)

Reflections on this drawing:

“I saw myself in your drawing. This is actually me.” A dance instructor ever told me passionately, when she saw this drawing. I was so thrill to hear what she shared with me. Nonetheless, it also reminded me how the drawing could mirror one’s mind. That’s also part of the magic of healing and nurturing through making art. ^_^

Faces ,eyes…..these are what I have to face wherever I go ,travel ,live or being with. It just can trigger my fear of not being good enough easily. Yes, I grew up with the blame of ” not being good enough” and endless comparison with others from my dad ,from some family members since I was a child. These caused a lot of troubles for me in intimate relationship and making friends.  However, through family therapy, art therapy and yoga practice these years, I know the tension in my mind,even muscle has been released a lot. I am thankful for all the teachers whom ever guided me along the way.

Gaining 10 kilo body weight in 1 year is really a lesson for me to face. Pressure , insomnia ,not having my normal exercise and diet change really can put one’s health and weight in an incredibly terrible situation. However, I know I have to face and accept how I look like now …and still need to have confidence in myself. Especially, when being a yoga instructor people would expect certain body figure I should have. Well,it’s actually a good timing to experience and realize how difficult/uncomfy to do certain yoga poses and help me to master more alternative postures or using props to assist students.

The situation I am facing now,just reminds me what a teacher ever told me “It’s normal to have life going ups and downs.”  Well….,this is apparently a down time for me. Hence,the situation now, is actually giving me great opportunity to know/realize how it feels like when one’s physical body doesn’t look qualified as 36-24-36 anymore (I suppose bigger size clothes and dresses are the big shock). Look my new-but-not-so-new self in the mirror,………… I see the curve is still there , I see the woobly bits around my belly ,the getting thicker back, my bigger body, round face etc. Learn to accept and love my own new-but-not-so-new body again is a process. Hence, i just need to see and love my own beauty……..AGAIN. ^_^ (Hahaha~~ Why it sounds like I am pregnant or ever being pregnant. Neh~Nada~  )

My creativity yet has been hibernated for so long as well….and I am glad it starts to wake again through this Inner Digging project.So love to play with these colors… I even can’t predict what I am going to draw once crayon/water color/pencil in my hand.

We all have unique innate creativity and intelligence inside of ourselves. Time to meet them and wake them up. After lightning strikes,the Spring is coming!!!!






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