[ Yoga Drawing ] – Inner Digging Project (2) – Let It Flow


“ You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. ” – Louise L. Hay

Accident, not accident!!!??

“What! No internet today” , screamed Ladygeco. (it’s actually 4 day already now.)
Got up with this wonderful surprise one morning….. All of a sudden, Master Oogui’s words in Kungfu Panda came to my mind- ” there’s no accident in life” …. Bahahahaha~ No excuses today, Ladygeco is on her way to do yoga drawing…. Mmmm…. Who is that genius said laziness is part of human nature…!!!???

During meditation….a scene appeared in my mind and I planned to draw it afterwards. Later on, I started to mix ink with blue acrylic and started to draw with a brush on the long paper. Following my instinct ,not thinking, the drawing started with dripping ink on the paper, then it came out something completely different then what I planed or thought in the beginning….. The fun began …..i dripped more ink and play with them…. Just want to let it flow and wait to see how it goes…. I was excited with and without expectation. A Chinese painting like image showed…
Bubble blowing fun came later.. Mmmm…Am I ready to start whatever from scratch again?????? No drawing skill needed. Just play with my own instinct… Red pokedots on the root calm down my nervous , it remind me and made me understand a bit how on earth the 86-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama could draw pokedots all her life.


Unknown Wonderland
Everyone can draw ,can do art… the only one who would judge us the most…is actually ourselves…our mind… Once we trust in unknown self , it will surprise and bring us to a wonderland that we never traveled…. Travelling / drawing is actually just a way to bring Ladygeco closer to self and to my own mother land as well.   This drawing was still ongoing ,not finished yet , but it’s also a beauty to wait for more inspiration coming later…….


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