Met A Brave Soul from A Children’s Home

🌟Thank you for the opportunity.🙏 (Update: I decided to share the story.)

💚💗Got an urgent message from a children’s home asking me to help a 4-year-old girl who has been found in the wild (lived there by herself) and started to show some misbehaviours in the organization. I said yes immediately.

🌟Interesting enough, I supposed to start the school ‘s Kids’ Yoga & Art classes from today. However, somehow …… I felt we should start the class from 26. Mmmmm…….. It seems my afternoon was already planned ahead by the divine universe. 🌻

💗 She came to hold my hand immediately when the house mother introduced me to her. 🌻 The kids’ yoga games were our ice breaker. From her smiles, you won’t believe how much she had gone through. Brave soul! From her drawing (especially the color scheme), although she got abandoned by her caretaker, she still showed so much affections (also emotions) towards the caretaker.

💗 The healing journey continues…..May the Almighty keep blessing her life journey.


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