“Dancing Little Man Worshipping A Mask in The Jungle”

🍊“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

🌱Kids’ Yoga & Art –
The little girl’s creativity/imagination was running wild today (the importance of creating safe space & trustοΌ‰. She named the artwork, “Dancing Little Man Worshipping A Mask in The Jungle “ (A3 paper). It’s completely not what I planned for her to create earlier.😁 Well, this is exactly the beauty of the art creating part after some kid’s yoga fun.πŸ˜‚ Purple bonfire, dancing little humans, cracked mask, creating her own symbols and 30 (the OM symbol hanging on the wall she thought it’s 30πŸ˜‚ ).πŸ’› 🧑

πŸ™Œ The school life starts to get busy, the little girl sits a lot at school. Therefore, we worked on the core muscles and back muscles today to release the tension in her little body & quiet her mind as well(will remember to take photos next time🀣). 🌿We played with play dough and painted with hands & oil pastels to release emotions and calm her nervous system through touch and repetition. 😊. 😊


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