Connecting with An Innocent Heart

🌻Received a surprising & beautiful flower from a 1-yr-old boy whom I don’t know this afternoon while having coffee and reading in the Bistro. 🌻😊It made my heart sing and it also let me realize my connection with innocent hearts are still there.💚I treasured the little flower/reminder and stored it in my book.😊 下午在餐廳喝咖啡看書時,突然身旁出現一隻小手拿了一朵小花給我,我轉頭看了一眼,發現是一位約1歲但我不認識的可愛小男孩。哈哈哈~這小小的驚喜讓我很開心,也讓我明瞭自己和純真的孩子們的連結依舊。😊 孩子們很單純,即使他們送你的是他們隨手摘的小花/小草,或自己塗鴉的圖畫,都是出自他們良善,單純的內心。😊就把這朵小花珍藏在自己正在讀的書裡吧!💛💜💙💚💗❤
🌟I love the innocence of a child.
I also love to be/work with children as they have pure hearts. 💐💛💚💙💜❤💖💗
🌟Something to share:🤓
Anytime a child gives you something, if it’s a weed just picked as a flower or a picture they have colored for you, they are doing it from their goodness & their precious heart. Any gift from a child should be treasured in your heart. 😊


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