Happy Heritage Day

🌸🎈Happy Heritage Day 🎈.

Tried Zulu Beer (Umqombothi) today. Basic ingredients for Umqombothi are sorghum and maize (or millet) . It takes 5 days maximum to be fermented and results in a nutritious, heady, and hoppy beer. It is a traditional drink that is made in advance for serving at important celebrations and it is believed to assist in communication with the amadlozi (ancestors). It is traditionally brewed by matriarchs to welcome their sons home after initiation and served at weddings, funerals and important community meetings.

🎈I think it’s quite good to taste traditional Zulu Beer on the Heritage Day as a cultural adventure in the Rainbow Nation. Surprisingly, my order shocked the waiter and he confirmed several times with me if I really wanted to order Zulu Beer.😂

🎈It smelled slightly sour and got fermented and sour taste with gentle sizzling bubbles. It’s just different from normal beer we had. But wait! The somehow familiar taste reminded me of something I had before……(after 2 days…I just realized)…………
Yeap! It’s the millet wine (abai; 小米酒) which I had before at an aboriginal tribe in Eastern Taiwan. That’s the familiar taste I had.

(照片取自蘋果日報:海端鄉 崁頂部落體驗之旅)

🎈What a nice surprise! 😁 This is why I love to experience different cultures. We thought we are so different, as we lived in different continents/countries,however, it turned out to be we are so similar. Well,Just hoped the container can be a lil bit traditional though.😁

很有趣的祖魯啤酒(非洲高粱、玉米發酵不到五天所成;特殊節日才會釀造、飲用- 祭祀祖先、婚禮、喪禮等), 放眼望向各桌,俺是唯一一個點這個啤酒的人,連侍者都難以置信的跟我再三確認我是要點他們的傳統啤酒。😂



#南非遺產日 #試喝祖魯啤酒 #那不是奶茶 #讓我想起小米酒


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