Yarn Bombing Tree

🌳“Trees give peace to the souls of men.” ― Nora Waln.🌿

🌳There is no limit of being creative. This is a lovely surprise ,spotting Yarn Bombing (the art of crochet and knit graffiti) , when we drove pass a residential area in Melville and it’s so worth to reverse the car all the way uphill (almost 100 meter) 😂 to take this photo.🌸🌳 The owner was laughing while seeing us reversing the car all the way up and seeing me jumping out of/in the car for taking photos in a flash. 😆.

🌸🌳 Thank you to the creative artist who turned the street view from winter dull gray into cheering and colorful.💛Hope it also brings you a smile😊.


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