Hari OM Tat Sat – Yoga Eye Pillows

💜Hari OM Tat Sat – Yoga Eye Pillows

🌻Handmade yoga eye pillows with organic lavender essential oil and chanting of Moola Mantra while making them. .

🌻Being creative today. 😁 Can’t believe my hands still have the memory of sewing since high school.🤣 (Yes,we had sewing class at that time.😂) Btw,it’s brown rice inside…so….just in case ,maybe one day yogis would need it for cooking😁. .

🔆” Hari means “the manifest cosmos,” AUM “the unmanifest invisible realm,” Tat means “that” and Sat means “the ultimate reality.” Therefore, this greeting helps awaken us to our true nature. We remind ourselves and others that we are much more than just a body and mind. We hold in our awareness the truth that we are both an individual being and also a higher consciousness; that there is a vast absolute consciousness that is both invisible and at the heart of all manifested forms. We should never forget this; it is the essence of yoga.” – extracted from Yoga Journal 2017 (Yoga: The Path to Universal Being) .

🎈If you would like one of my handmade Hari OM Tat Sat yoga eye pillows welcome to PM me. The original price is R120, ✨November special ✨ R100.


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