Outdoor “Clay” Play Fun- My Home

Yoga Drawing in Swaziland
Yoga Drawing in Swaziland

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Choose only one master: Nature.”

Outdoor “Clay” play Fun- playing with “clay” in the Mother Nature.
Material: Utilized mud instead of real clay (owing to the shortage of art supplies).

Barbie(pseudonym)was a 10-year-old girl, Grade 4. Built a mud house for her sister ,grandma and herself. She even made her own image as a small sculpture lying under a tree next to the house.

Barbie used to draw people’s attention by making grotesque laughing or fake crying sound. Surprisingly enough ,she immersed herself fully in “building” this mud house in class. It’s rare to see her being so quiet with gloomy face expression and somehow showed maturity as well. Our hands connect to the Heart Chakra. I knew she thought of her past and family; meanwhile, lots of feelings had released through manipulating “clay” as well. What I could do was looking into her eyes , smiled , gave her a hug and showed her that I got her back.

The process of creating art works itself is already a self healing process.


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