HOME- outdoor barefoot “Clay” Fun

Yoga Drawing in Swaziland
Yoga Drawing in Swaziland

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Choose only one master: Nature.”

Outdoor Barefoot “Clay” Fun-
Material: Utilized outdoor mud instead the shortage of clay.

Nokwanda:10-year-old girl, Grade 4. Built a mud house for herself, her sister and grandma. She even made her own image lying under a tree next to the house. Amazing to see how she did the work. Nokwanda used to draw people’s attention through grotesque laughing or fake crying sound. After these continuous yoga drawing classes since December 2012, I noticed her artistic talent and encouraged her by posting her works on our bulletin board .Since then ,her dramatic behaviors reduced a lot .Surprisingly enough ,while doing this art work ,she dwelled herself fully in building this mud house and it’s rare that her face expression could be so gloomy but somehow mature as well .I knew she thought of her past and what I did was giving her considerate smile and pat her back gently. She smiled afterwards. The process of making art works is already a healing..


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