YES,I CAN–empowering kids through Yoga & Art

Paint with Love. Paint Instead of Pain.
Paint with Love. Paint Instead of Pain.
Yoga Drawing in Swaziland combines with making art works, drawing and kids’ yoga. Exploring the
connection between breath, movement and the instinctual creative response,the outcome afterwards
surprised everyone and the most important part was it brought positive changes to kids . Such
as,having confidence in self , learning, sharing ideas in class etc.Children healed themselves during
the process of creating/making art works. Furthermore, it helped some misbehavior children convey
their creativity through making art works to draw them out of their shells and shift their life positively as
Led kids did these with chalk……It’s really fun to see all idea sparks in between us… 
Yoga Drawing at school
Yoga Drawing at school

A 7-year-old boy who got no confidence in drawing,even kept saying he didn’t know how to draw. I felt

sorry for him and was wondering what happened to him before.Through playing,yoga,making art works

and conversation among these 10 classes, he told everyone surprisingly in class that he was capable

of drawing…

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