First Launch Course of Yoga Drawing in Taiwan 2009

Yoga Drawing at school. First launch of Yoga Drawing in Taiwan. :)
Yoga Drawing at school. First launch of Yoga Drawing in Taiwan. 🙂

My first Yoga Drawing course students in 2009. Two angels here not only inspired me but also unforgettable. As they strengthened my ability to embrace unknown and continued running my Yoga Drawing courses.

One was Wen, the other was William. Wen,grade 6, a student that I knew since she was grade 4. She showed up in the course and looked stressed without reasons. After drawing freely with various music, I noticed she used lots of color brown.  So I asked Wen,”Are you okay with your mom and homeroom teacher?”, then she bursted into crying like a baby in class and said “My mom and teacher always say I’m not good enough to do everything.” My eyes brimmed with tears.It’s quite  surprising for me to bump into such kind of situation as it’s very similar to my own childhood memory. Luckily, I went for family therapy to deal with similar issues before, thus I knew how she felt and how to helped her at that time.

William, grade 3,in the beginning he often complained how tired he was , then just sit in the corner and observed us playing yoga games quietly. I noticed it ,but I let him be. From time to time,he would come forward to our circle playing some games with us or just ask a piece of paper then hide himself in the hole of a blue toy . He often murmured that he didn’t know how to draw ,and then just drew some lines or mix colors. I encouraged him playing freely with colors first, later on I noticed he preferred to choose dark color, especially loved to use charcoals. He got confidence to draw and join our yoga games gradually. After few classes, his drawing of children and trees really caught my eyes.

He joined my yoga Drawing course for 3 rounds in 1 year.

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