🌟Healing & Nourishing Light🌟 療癒&滋養之光

🌟Healing & Nourishing Light🌟療癒&滋養之光
🌟 Utilizing round canvas for these Healing Light series is because in Chinese / Taiwanese culture, the circle stands for “fulfilled”, “oneness”, “perfection”, “unity”. More specifically, it’s the process of something coming full circle that bears the most importance. Family members get together to celebrate the day that the moon is at its fullest (Mid-Autumn Festival). Two halves of a broken round mirror symbolizes the reunion of spouses who were separated. Yin and Yang forms a perfect circle divided by a sinuous line (Taichi symbol), and stands for the oneness of conflicting forces inside everything. 選擇圓形畫布,是因為“圓”在華人的文化中代表圓滿。我們會選在中秋月圓時闔家團圓賞月吃月餅;夫妻情侶分開後重新和好,我們會說破鏡重圓;陰、陽合併成就了一個完美的圓(太極的符號),也是二元對立相互聯結的統一體。
✨May these golden & colorful flowing light heal & nourish you and remind you the divinity within. ✨ 祈願此流動的金光、彩色之光,療癒您、滋養您,並提醒您內在本有的神性。
(Acrylics, Cotton canvas; Diameter 90cm)


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