National Lockdown Day 19 – 【Bubble Fantasy】

“Surround everyone you can think of with bubbles of love today.” – Diana Cooper.
🦋 Transparent objects and human portraits are something I always try my best to avoid painting with watercolor since school days.😁 Before attending the entrance exam for uni, I also prayed those two subjects wouldn’t be testing objects in the technical examination of paintings. 😁
Today I challenged both of them😁. This is a time like no other. Hope we choose love instead of fear.💪💖
舉凡透明物(像是泡泡和玻璃瓶),還有人像,一直都是俺很怕(真的很怕)用水彩畫的物品。大學考術科時也一直祈求,考水彩時千萬不要出這類考題(還好沒有出😁)。今兒個決定用水彩挑戰這些個俺最怕的題材。😁 希望大家看了都開熏!🥰


(Watercolor, A4)


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