National Lockdown Day 18 -【Mad House Boo-boos】

“I hate the phrase, kids will be kids.I think it should be replaced with, bad parenting results in little punks.” – Unknown
🌻 How come people can live like no neighbours around at all? 🙄 Slamming/shutting doors loudly daily, loud talking daily, screaming/crying excessively daily.Gee~People should know basic manners, isn’t it !!??🙄 
🌻 By utilizing self – expression through art creating is one of my ways to release emotions.😉Mother nature also helps a lot. :)🙏

扭曲的腦袋、炸開的肌肉(誇飾😁)以及四處飛散的細胞– 有鳥鄰居時,畫畫是很好滴情緒宣泄管道。


(Black ball pen,Watercolor,A4)


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