National lockdown Day 2 – 【Ouch !!】

🌻National lockdown Day 2 – 【Ouch !!】
This is how I learned to walk barefooted with mindfulness on the grass. Ouch!!😵 The unknown African plant got hard thorns (Yes! Hard thorns not soft fluffy fuzzy ones.🙈) on the edge of its leaves.😅Not fun to step on it barefooted. Ouch~~~Ouch~~~ 😣
🌻Feeling anxious!? In this troubled time, do something with your hand (i.e. cooking, drawing, mending,gardening,cleaning etc.) will calm you (brain+nerve system)down. However,if you feel things a bit out of control (inner or outer) I’ll suggest you choosing controllable art medium (crayons, kokis etc. ) to be creative. Enjoy!😊
(watercolor, A4)

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