Encounter Tranquility in Motion (動中求靜)

多年前,要俺靜坐簡直是要人命的事!直到去印尼教書時遇到了一位台灣籍道長,知道我的問題後,他寫下幾個字 – 動中求靜- 要我貼在牆上隨時提醒自己。當時的我懵懵懂懂,直到開始參加一些舞蹈、動態靜心的工作坊,以及瑜伽訓練後,我才懂得“動中靜”是啥東東!而這些“伎倆”也逐漸成了陪伴俺成長與靜心的好法門!感恩這一切。🙏 希望,你也找到了讓自己平靜的好方法!💖

Many years ago, I was a person who only could sit quietly for several …..seconds in sitting meditation.😜 Let alone having the opportunity to taste inner peace. It did bother me for quite some time. Until one day, I met a Dao master, a Taiwanese, in Indonesia and he wrote me a few words – Encounter Tranquility in Motion (動中求靜).I didn’t quite understand what’s the meaning at that time. After attending several dynamic meditative workshops and training – dancing, jogging, yoga and drawing etc. – I realized sitting quietly for a long time wasn’t the only option to encounter inner peace. I’m glad and grateful that the skills I learnt have become my “tools” to quiet and tame my monkey mind as well as gain insights these years. I’m blessed.🙏

Hopefully, you have found a way to meet your inner peace.💖


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