Healing Through Art- Taiwan 2

William,10 years old ,grade 4. Misbehavior, bullying classmates violently (attacked classmates with chair ,belt or elbow; choked someone in class; throwing bad words and made unbearable noise in class) He got reported to school Counseling Office by his homeroom teacher.
Healing through art:
Once a week, he would come to my classroom in lunch break at school. The first time when he came to my classroom,he was accompanied by other two classmates.
Discussing his drawing with him was the ice breaker where allowed me understanding his stressful problems at home with his manipulative mother. His misbehavior was calling for help that he needed to find a way to release his anger.
His drawing of several gray cartoons with black eyes which was the crucial turning point for me to see and solve his inner struggling of having trouble to get along with his classmates.

After one and half month counseling through art drawing, his behaviors changed positively and stared to obey rules in class , no violent incidents have been reported since then. Moreover,this result also led me meeting Lai , a brave boy I had never met, afterwards.

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