YES,I CAN.– Art Healing Power in Swaziland.


After School Caring- 

6 year-old Siphelele . He used to live with his psychotic mother when he was born. But due to lack of sufficient care, (e.g. nutrition, exercise, social interaction etc.) his stimulation in different sensory modes didn’t activate and cultivate fully, especially in accessing haptic and visual mode .Through some observation, I noticed he was having hand-eye co-ordination and developmental delayed problem, thus it’s difficult for him holding pencil to write and physically he looked much smaller and weaker than his peers as well. Siphelele suffers from learning at school,his homeroom teacher had complained about his “laziness” in learning and cleaning assignment without realizing his real issue. He showed no interest in learning and cries very often.
Counseling and tutoring:
1.Being patient, empathetic, loving, caring and encouraging while tutoring Siphelele.
2.Counting: playing counting games by using clips, fingers, songs and books.
3.Doodling: connecting dots, drawing various lines and shapes.
4.Coloring: naming various shapes ,objects and coloring.

1.He shows more control in writing, doodling and coloring.
2.He cries much less, shows interest in learning and his focus attention increases.
3.He starts to do his cleaning assignment in class.

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